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Magento Web Development

At Sigma Infotech, we undertake Magento web development to address 4 key problems, which you may face as an online retailer:

Our developers use Magento, one of the best available open-source ecommerce development platforms, so as to ensure that you actually get to benefit when you invest in an online store. And if you do not have one yet, do not worry; our Magento developers can create it for you.

Why Magento?

  • First of all, Magento is one of the few open-source Content Management Systems to exhibit exceptional robustness.
  • Secondly, Magento ecommerce development results in the creation of an e-store that’s packed with advanced features and functionalities. So if you want one such online store, Magento is the right platform for you.
  • Thirdly, being open-source, it doesn’t call for a huge expenditure upfront. Even if you have a relatively modest budget, our Magento developers can create a highly functional e-store for you.
  • Last but not least, this platform offers excellent options in terms of customisation. We can customise as per your requirements in order to create a store that best reflects your business and helps you carve an individual identity in the online marketplace.

Why Not Any Other Platform?

We advocate Magento website development because the platform is very robust and scalable. We are familiar with other platforms as well, but not many of them offer the kind of scalability and flexibility that Magento does. The platform allows our developers to create an online store that’s completely under your control (post development), in terms of presentation, content, and functionality. We highly recommend that you choose Magento over any other platform if you want to:

  • Handle different aspects of your e-store on your own, right from merchandising to promotions.
  • Enjoy a greater return on investment (ROI). You spend less because it’s an open-source platform, and yet get a store that’s high on quality.
  • Grow your business. There are not many other CMSs that enable you to increase your revenue, but Magento does.

What’s In It for You?

Expected Result What We Do To Achieve It
Getting higher search engine rankings
  • We make the platform’s URL Rewrite Tool work in your favour.
  • We also fully utilise the meta-information to give a boost to your SEO efforts.
Meeting the needs of mobile users
  • Our developers take additional measures to help you attract and convert those on the go.
  • They make sure that your customers have a fully mobile, multi-channel experience.
Bringing down the shopping cart abandonment rate
  • We provide your customers with multiple shipping and payment options so that they do not abandon the shopping cart at the last minute.
  • We also ensure that your online store supports multiple currencies and tax rates so as to make the international customers feel comfortable when they buy your products online.
Ensuring that your customers have a really good experience while shopping
  • We add 2-3 images (and even more, if available) for every product so that the customers can make an informed decision.
  • We make sure that they are told upfront if a particular product is available in stock.
  • • We can also create category landing pages, if you want us to.
Serving the customers in the best way possible
  • We ensure that your customer service agents always have the necessary information at fingertips so that they can answer the customers’ questions effectively.
  • We also take other measures, such as enabling the customers to access feature-rich accounts, in order to increase customer satisfaction.


Why Us?

There are many other Magento developers in Sydney, but they are not as good as us. That’s because we have:

An Experienced Team

All our developers bring along enough experience, and know how to meet your requirements, while keeping in mind that your business is unique. Together, they work as a team and cover all the important aspects, including customisation, module creation, etc. The team knows how to:

  • Obtain the necessary information so that the end result is in sync with what you require
  • Keep you in the loop during the development process
  • Undertake payment gateway integration and everything else that’s needed for a functional online store
  • Take care of all your concerns and answer your queries, if any

A Result-Oriented Development Cycle

Thanks to our team, we have successfully streamlined our development cycle, and can easily create a good online store for you. When we get down to Magento ecommerce development, we:

  • Implement tried and tested techniques
  • Ensure that there are no undue delays, thereby meaning that the site is delivered to you as per the deadline, or maybe even before that
  • Handle even the most complex assignments with great efficiency

A Customer-Focused Approach

Any other Magento web development firm in Melbourne or Sydney may keep you in the dark, but rest assured, with us, you always know what we are doing. That’s because we keep you involved. We listen to your suggestions and give our inputs as well so that what you get in the end is nothing but the best. We are also of the opinion that Magento has a lot to offer, which can only be achieved if we work with you, and not for you. So that’s what we do.

A Fair Pricing Mechanism

We keep the development costs to a minimum so that we can offer affordable Magento ecommerce development services to you. However, the price of our services doesn’t cast a shadow on their quality, and what you get is a highly functional site minus the exorbitant costs otherwise involved. What differentiates our pricing policy from other firms is that we charge on case by case basis because we understand that your requirements may not be the same as any other business.

Australia-Wide Reach

We are based in Bella Vista, Sydney, but we have been serving clients in different parts of Australia. So whether you are looking for a Magento developer in Queensland or need a professional’s assistance in Melbourne, look no further. You have found just the right firm.

No matter where you are in Australia, call us on 1300 78 20 23 right away or send a mail to, and wait for us to get back to you.


A Well-Thought-Of Optimisation Strategy

We not only create ecommerce websites, but also know how to optimise them so that they attract customers in huge numbers. Our experts are good at optimisation and can implement various result-oriented techniques during (and after) the development process so that you get more traffic and can increase your online revenue.
So if you want to take advantage of one of the most popular ecommerce platforms (Magento’s share = 34% approx.; source: aheadWorks), Sigma Infotech is the one you should choose. Hurry up! 1.0% of all websites are already using this platform, so you need to act now. Call us on 1300 78 20 23 or write to us at



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