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Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing strategy is developed to gain traffic and visibility for your website on both paid and organic results. It also focusses on your website, the landing pages and the conversions for your keyphrases.

In short, our Search Engine Marketing strategy works at four different levels:

  • Paid Search: Google Adwords (or what we call Pay Per Click) is growing rapidly and we ensure that our Adwords strategy for your business is built around getting the most relevant traffic for your business. We constantly study and dissect the traffic that is coming through to the website and the quality of leads that are being generated. This helps us to continuously improve the performance of your campaign.
  • Organic Search: Our Search Engine Marketing team consists of highly enthusiastic and skilled Search Engine Optimisers. At Sigma Infotech, we only focus on white hat techniques and our team ensures that they are always abreast with the changes that are happening in the world of Search Engines. SEO is not about spamming Search Engines, it is about a carefully woven strategy built around strong SEO practices and content marketing. 
  • Conversion Optimisation: At the beginning of any Search Engine Marketing campaign, we undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your current website, its content and the landing pages that we want to focus on for both Organic Search and Paid Search. We look at the website structure, its meta-tags, the code that is generated, the relevance of content on each targeted page and conversion potential of each page. We work with you to create specific landing pages and undertake A/B testing to understand visitor behaviour on your website.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is our most powerful weapon when it comes to analysing the performance of our Search Engine Marketing campaign. The data that is provided by Google Analytics help us understand the keyphrases that are working well for your website, keyphrases that are wasting our budget or are providing very little value. Google Analytics also gives us a very useful insight into visitor behaviour of your website. We can go down to each pages and section and examine what pages are converting well or if we are losing visitors attention on a particular page.

Search Engine Marketing is a science, and you need someone who not only understands how Search Engines work but also has the capacity to understand your business, your target market and your competition.

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