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Website Design That Optimises Your Conversion Rate

At Sigma Infotech, our web design efforts are aimed at:

  • Helping you convert your visitors into customers
  • Providing you with higher return on investment (ROI) with your web design
  • Implementing the best conversation rate optimisation strategies

Here’s what we do and others don’t:

Statement of Purpose

We start by finding out what you need a website for, i.e. whether you are looking to increase sales or simply wish to grab the visitors’ attention. If your purpose is to inform the visitors of what you offer, we make sure that we are aware of it. We have our own reasons behind this.

  • A clear understanding of what you want helps us go in the right direction
  • It also makes us familiar with your market and/or industry
  • With this information in hand, we can easily devise good strategies to work on

Designers Fit for Your Business

We have an professional & experienced team – a team that comprises of web designers who have worked with various industries – a team that can meet your individual needs – a team that understands a finance website isn’t the same as one that sells beauty products and vice versa. Our team finds out the answers to these questions and then creates a design that’s truly yours:

  • Are you looking for a corporate look and feel?
  • Or you want something more bizarre?
  • How about a conservative look; does that go down well with what you have in mind?
  • Is there a specific market that you want to target?

Originality at the Core

Unlike other web design companies that offer copies of the same design in the name of affordability, we make sure that whatever we come up with is original. For that matter, we don’t:

  • Just pick one of the random templates, make some changes, insert your logo and hand it to you
  • Make a mockery of your online strategies
  • Let brand differentiation take a back seat
  • Offend the audiences (visitors) by disregarding their preference for originality
  • If you take a look at any of our designs, you won’t feel that you have seen them before, of that we are sure.

    Deadlines Are For Real

    What makes us better is that we keep our promises. If you and we set a deadline, we stick to it, no matter what. You can tell us when you expect the website design to be delivered, either when we talk over the phone or during any of our meetings with you. Even if you don’t mention it by yourself, we tell you a proposed timeline. Just so you know:

    • We are flexible enough
    • Can cater to urgent requirements, if the need be
    • Can make a functioning website available in time

    We believe time is money, and it is this belief that gets us going.

    Affordable Website Design

    The last thing we want is to inflate your online marketing budget. We work towards increasing your ROI, while keeping the web design cost(s) to a minimum.

    • If you are on a tight budget, worry not. We have affordable solutions for everyone.
    • With us, you are not at the risk of getting unexpected bills, not now, not in the future.
    • We are highly transparent. If we think you may need to spend a little more than what you plan to, we let you know upfront so that you can decide.

    If you were looking for value for money website designers all this while, you have found them now.

    Here’s what we do and others don’t:

    Meeting Everyone’s Needs

    Whether you are an individual or a group that runs a small or medium-size business, we can design a site for you, meeting your exact specifications. The same goes for government departments and not-for-profit organisations. If you wish to build up your online presence, you need to have a site with a functional design, and who better than us to create one?

    Employing the Best Available Technologies

    We use whatever it takes to exceed your expectations (meeting them is what our competitors do) – whether it’s a standardised mark-up or WYSIWYG software, which we may need in order to generate one in the first place. We don’t think twice. Here’s why:

    • We want to make sure that every site designed by us meets the web accessibility guidelines; no exception.
    • We want to maintain the quality at any cost, even if it means that we have to use the latest mark-up validators and testing tools.
    • We keep up with the times. If HTML5 and CSS3 are in demand right now, we don’t want to use something that’s straight from the 90’s.

    Making the Designers Work in Tandem with Others

    We hire experienced designers, no doubt, but we make sure that they get all the necessary support, needed to bring out their expertise. That’s why, here, at Sigma Infotech, we all work together as a team. You may find a website designer working closely with someone from the graphics department or maybe a copywriter. In fact, our designers often consult with our marketing strategists to create a design with a high conversion rate. Our SEO experts and art directors, they all contribute. The idea is to:

    • Maximise the functionality of the design
    • Combine the skills and deliver nothing but the best

    Keeping You Involved

    We understand that no one knows your target audience like you do. With this understanding, we make it a point to keep you in the loop, always. We don’t make you feel left out or that you have no say. Rather we let you speak. We are good listeners and believe that if anything can help us get a better idea of what kind of a design you want and who it is for, that’s communication. Of course, it is our team of expert designers that does the job, but then your contribution is equally important, at least for us.

    Making It Simple for You

    We can only expect you to participate in the designing process, when we make you feel comfortable. And that is only possible when we don’t use any jargon whatsoever. We understand that the use of highly technical words can have a bad impact on our communication with you, and either of us may lose out on some important information in the process.

    Creating a User-Friendly Design

    We know how navigation works, and that’s something every design we create is a proof of. And we have our way with different layouts as well. Anyone can easily browse through a site designed by us, even when they are visiting it for the very first time. We make it possible by:

    • Sticking to conventions and labelling different sections with expected names
    • Not placing too many navigation buttons and creating confusion for no reason
    • Maintaining consistency across various pages

    It is our firm belief that no matter how attractive a design is, if it doesn’t appeal to the users, it’s no good.

    Giving Due Importance to Search Engines

    We understand that with so many websites already flooding the World Wide Web, yours would only be visited if your search engine rankings are high. With this understanding, we keep search engine-friendliness at the forefront and design your website accordingly.

    • Our designers tweak the site a bit to make room for Search Engine Optimisation strategies
    • They take our SEO experts into confidence to find out what can be done

    We make sure that the design is not just visually appealing, but also beneficial in terms of conversion, which is very much dependent on how many people actually come and visit your site.

    Creating a Responsive Design

    We are aware that mobile phone usage is on the rise and almost 80% of all Australians prefer to look up for information on hand-held devices. This awareness has helped us identify the need for a responsive web design. We also save you the trouble of investing in two separate sites for desktops and mobile phones, when you can easily do with one. Our aim is to:

    • Help you target users with mobile phones
    • Increase user-friendliness and provide the users with the best possible experience
    • Make sure your site is competitive, as many others may have already embraced RWD
    • Ensure you are all set for the future

    Giving You the Control

    Every site designed by us comes with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). You do not have to be a professional to use this system for updating the content of the site. The best part is that you need not call someone else or pay extra money (if you were thinking of entering into a contract, we suggest that you don’t) to update your site in accordance with the latest developments so that you can keep your audience engaged. Also, through the CMS, we aim to give you the much-needed flexibility so that you can implement the updates as and when you want.

    Giving You Value for Money

    You get more for every penny spent:

    • We enable you to interact with your audience and at the same time make it possible for you to implement social media campaigns. Our designers excel at social media integration and use their skills for your benefit.
    • Everyone here at Sigma Infotech knows how important the website content can be. It’s for this reason that we only get it written by experienced writers, so that the end result perfectly complements the design.
    • We assign you an individual team that takes care of your needs. We don’t have the same people working on 10 different projects because it may affect their efficiency, something that we wish to avoid at any cost.

    We are up for a discussion. Call us on 1300 782 023 and let’s take it from there. You tell us your requirements and we would let you how we can meet them best. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact Us form online or write to us at


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