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Web Development for Small, Medium, and Large-Scale Businesses

At Sigma Infotech, we know that website development is one of the 3 most important pillars of your online presence, with web design and web application development being the other two. So we leave no stone unturned to develop your site in the most optimal & efficient manner. In fact, we use cutting edge technologies and implement proven techniques to ensure that your website is a success.

What differentiates our approach towards web development from that of others is that we seek to meet your unique requirements. We understand that you may be looking for either of these:

  • a CMS-based website
  • a custom website

Our developers work on exactly what you require.

Click here to see how we always make it a point to keep the clients’ requirements at the forefront.

What’s The Process That We Follow?

  • We start by defining the site architecture, and ensure that we have the necessary information for this purpose. So we ask you questions, try to understand your target market and do everything that’s needed to gather information.
  • Once we have the information and the architecture is ready, we take the next step and advice you on various platforms available for web development. At this stage, we also tell you the pros and cons of each platform so that you can make the right choice.
  • Once the platform is finalised, we shift our focus to user experience.
  • We then get down to development and build a site that’s
    • Easy to manage
    • Search-engine friendly
    • High on scalability

During the development process, we keep the costs to a minimum so that the end result falls within your budget.

What All Technologies We Use?

We always use the latest technologies so as to deliver nothing but the best. Some of the technologies we use for web development are:

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • .Net
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • jQuery

These technologies help us in developing state-of-the-art, user-centric websites that stand out. As far as the techniques are concerned, we not only implement the tried and test techniques but also devise some of our own because of the ever-changing web environment.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • First of all, we are one among the few in Sydney to offer custom development services. We find out what may work for you and what might not and develop accordingly.
  • All our web developers are experienced enough to bring your ideas to life and provide you with a highly functional yet affordable website.
  • We implement white hat SEO techniques during the development process so that you get a search engine-friendly website and can promote it easily.
    • Our developers double check each of the title tags, URL descriptions and headers to ensure that they are in conformation with Google’s guidelines.
  • We know how to develop responsive websites. So if you want to build your presence among mobile users, now is a good time to act. Call us on 1300 78 20 23 to find out how we develop attractive sites for iPhones, tablets and other handheld devices.

What Are Our USPs?

  • We conduct a speed test: While other web development companies subject the sites to different tests for quality, we also check their speed, in terms of the load times. We do not want the end users or visitors to wait forever before they get to see fully-loaded sites at their end. In fact, we stick to the 3-second rule because we know that every extra second can drive away as many as 40% users. We know if that happens, you may lose some really good opportunities of converting the visitors into customers, and that’s the last thing we want.
  • We believe in strict compliance: We develop the sites in considerably less time and yet never let go of the quality. We hand over the sites only when we are sure that they conform to the web standards and are free of coding errors. It is also one of our priorities to ensure that the search engines do not penalise the sites we develop.
  • We give you complete control: Our development services are aimed at ensuring that if needed, you should be able to make changes to the sites without the help of a professional. It is for this reason that we always employ a user-friendly CMS so that you can update images and content, as and when you need to. We are always there to support you, but at the same time, want you to be self-dependent.
  • We maintain after-sales ties: Firstly, we don’t just deliver the sites, but also make sure you know how to update them from time to time. If you don’t know that, we train you so that you can make the necessary changes on your own. Secondly, we help you in fixing the errors and bugs, if any, though we do extensive testing to ensure that there are none.
  • We work with you: Your involvement is of paramount importance to us because we want your suggestions, your ideas and your take on the development process. So we keep you in the loop, and ensure that you get regular updates from us.
  • We develop for your users: We know how important it is for you to keep the users glued to the sites. Therefore, we undertake development in such a way that the end result turns out to be high on user experience. We have been in the business long enough to understand what the users and what they don’t.
  • We use the layman’s language: Our web developers have special instructions to not to use technical terms while talking to you and answering your questions. We want you to have a clear understanding of what’s going on. If there’s a need to convey something that’s highly technical, we break down the message into clear, non-geek language before passing it on.
  • Last but not least, we can handle website development projects of all sizes. So whether you are a startup or an enterprise that has made it big, we can be of help. Call us on 1300 782 023 so that we can start working on your site at the earliest. You can also write to us at

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